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New PICNIC '09 Keynotes unveiled…

Top creatives, innovators and business minds are speaking at PICNIC ’09 in Amsterdam. The keynotes for PICNIC ’09 are some of the hottest names pushing the limits of creativity in society, economy, media and business today.

Traditional media is going through a deep transformation and a new breed of media is exploding out of our TV and laptop screens into our pockets and onto the streets in a playful, personal and pervasive way. This new media is being empowered and accelerated by mobile technologies, which are putting our life in motion. The changes produced by the clash of the old and new world require us to rethink the relationships between economy, society and life. Embracing change is no longer an alternative but an imperative and PICNIC ’09 will focus on all these aspects. You will not only get inspired, but will also find new business opportunities at PICNIC ’09.

The main keynote speakers have already been confirmed and the full programme will be announced shortly.

Keynote speakers for PICNIC ‘09

(Click on each name to see their full speaker profile on the PICNIC network. Interested in these speakers? Become a fan!)

Phil Zimbardo
Philip Zimbardo - Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo is internationally recognized as the voice and face of contemporary American psychology. His experiments have given new light to human behaviour and during his career Zimbardo has been giving psychology away to the public through his popular PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, along with many text and trade books… read the full bio.

Check out his most recent books:
The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time that Will Change Your Life
The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

Ed Ulbrich
Ed Ulbrich

Ed Ulbrich is the executive vice president of production of Digital Domain, which has been producing visual effects for blockbusters like Titanic, Fight Club, Zodiac, Adaptation, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, for which it recently won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. He’s also one of the most creative people in businessread the full bio.

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of the Eastman Kodak Company but that is not the main reason while he’s coming to PICNIC. Jeffrey is one of the few businessmen from Corporate America that has really and fully embraced the social media as a way to create a conversation and at the same time promote the Kodak brand. read the full bio.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter!

Gerd Leonhard
Niklas Zennström

Gerd Leonhard is a media futurist, blogger, digerati, writer, speaker and advisor. He specializes on the impact that new technologies have on content and the media industry… and our lives. He has spent over twenty-five years in the technology and entertainment industries, both in the U.S. as well as in Europe, and recently in Asia. Follow his thoughts and ideas on Mediafuturist and on twitter. read the full bio.

Niklas Zennstrom
Gerd Leonhard - Gerd Leonhard at Media Futurist 2008

You used Kazaa to download files, Skype to talk with friends and Joost to replace TV… now what other disruptive tricks is Niklas Zennstrom going to surprise us with? His latest project is Atomico, a venture capital firm focused on investing in consumer-facing technology. read the full bio.

Tomi Ahonen
Tomi Ahonen - Tomi Ahonen

Tomi Ahonen is a thought-leader in the mobile industry and considered the global authority on making money with new wireless services. He consults on the convergence of mobile telecoms, internet, media, advertising, credit and banking, social networking and virtual reality… and will open our eyes on where our interconnected world is heading to. He has also published several books which you can find on his official website. read the full bio.