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Programme ’09

In times of peril and uncertainty, it is the creative and innovative minds that emerge as the leaders of change. PICNIC ’09 will cover major and minor challenges that lie ahead, from a critical but optimistic point of view. What are the great breakthroughs that will change our lives in the coming decade? How will they heal our economy, our environment and make our lives more livable? What are the alternative scenarios for our future?

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PICNIC offers three full days of innovation, creativity and inspiration in the form of top-notch speakers, matchmaking events, hands-on labs and other unique surprises all wrapped in a festival environment.

Conference, Festival & Special Events tickets: see below for details on the different types of tickets required to access each event.

Note: In the following days we will publish times and extra information for each session and activity. Programme details are subject to change without prior notice. Please check back these pages for news and updates.