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Seminar: Out of the Box Learning

PICNIC Young '09

The Out of the Box Learning seminar tackles learning outside the standard educational context. This seminar takes place on Wednesday 23 September.

PICNIC Young Seminars are for educators and creative professionals. Visitors will be inspired by readings, surprising demonstrations and illuminating examples of leading national and international initiatives.


09:15 Doors open

09:30 Opening by Henk van Zeijts , director Creative Learning Lab 

09:40 Keynote Richard Sandford , Senior Researcher Future Lab (UK) 
Richard Sandford about: "Learning is not the same thing as education - it takes place in all areas of our lives, in different ways for different people. Increasingly, educators and researchers are paying attention to the ways in which people learn outside formal institutions and asking: can we learn from this? What lessons do these sorts of learning have for the way we teach in schools and colleges? And how might the way we teach have to change in the future?"

10:25 Shortcuts NL 
Short presentations about the theme Out of the box learning: 
 Fons van den Berg , media expert and teacher, about his experience with new media in education and it’s opportunities
Vegard Sivertsen , It's Learning, about the future of online learn environments.

10:50 Case presentation by Kati London , VP and senior producer Area/Code (UK) 
Kati London develops educational technologies ‘out-of-the-box' like Sharkrunners and Botanicalls: "Players are being given new opportunities for collaborating, motivating, failing and succeeding within the context of the real world. Games that draw upon real world data create a rich landscape that drive players to articulate the boundaries of these dynamic systems or game the system themselves - while learning in the process."

11:20 Shortcuts NL 
 Peter van Lith , specialist in Artifical Intelligence and robotics and teacher at the University of Amsterdam is involved in the Leg Laboratorium of the TU Delft. He also develops teaching material and projects for adolescents.. 

Matthijs Leendertse , researcher TNO (ICT and education), tells about government and education: issuing of rules, chances and barriers with renewal. 

11:40 Case presentation by Eric Rosenbaum , MIT/ lifelong kindergarten (USA) 
Eric Rosenbaum is a master student and ‘ITRI fellow' at the MIT Media Lab, Boston, USA. The Lifelong Kindergarten group develops creative, technological applications who appeal to the spirit of blocks and finger paint of kindergarten. Goal is a world full of playfully creative people, who are constantly inventing new possibilities for themselves and their communities.

12:15 Shortcuts NL 
Ferry Piekart , NAi, about the project H.A.N.G.plekken, in which adolescents come up with suggestions for interventions in public space. 
Astrid Poot , IJsfontein, discusses the use of online media for realization amongst adolescents. She clarifies her vision on design for adolescents and shows a range of cross media projects, games and museum installations considering Out of the box learning.
 Hans Geenen , S-TV Broadcast Your School, explains the student generated video project by visuals. This project is a collaboration of secondary-, grammar schools and local broadcasting companies.

12:40 Summary and questions of the audience

13:00 Lunch incl. facultative tours at the Creative Playground 

13:45 Hall open

14:15 Welcome back by Henk van Zeijts. 
 Introduction to the afternoon programme

14:45 Participate at a round table discussion with speakers of the morning session or play a location based game.

16:15 Completion with the whole group, retrospective view on the game experiences, Creative Playground and the discussion themes moderated by Henk van Zeijts

16:30 Informal reception

17:30 End 

Purchase a Festival Ticket for Wednesday to participate!

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please, give more information

The title of this seminar sounds interesting, but please tell me more about the program.

19 Sep 2009, 9:32

Re: please, give more information

Pieter van der Hijden, 19 Sept 09, 09:32
The title of this seminar sounds interesting, but please tell me more
about the program.

20 Sep 2009, 21:35
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