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Create More Using Public Content

Images for the Future

The largest Dutch digitization of audio-visual content project 'Images for the Futures' has started in July 2007. Over 137.000 hours of video, 22.510 hours of film, 123.900 hours of audio and 2.9 million photos will be digitized in the next seven years. Most content is copyright protected, but parts of the collection are being offered under open licenses. Third-party developers can use this content to create their own services. What lessons can be drawn from other projects and how can external developers be encouraged to create using this public content ? Some excellent international speakers such as Peter Kaufman and Paul Gerhardt will share their vision about one of the greatest challenges in the next years for archives, museums, libraries and broadcasters: how to develop new services and stimulate use of their digitized collections.

Two major questions will be addressed:
1. How to attract, support and stimulate external developers to create more using public content
2. How stimulate new business-models based on copyright protected material

The session will pick up the trail of the workshop “Preserving audiovisual archives: costs & benefits and community involvement”, organized at the iCommons Summit 07 in Dubrovnik in June 2007.

Peter Kaufman is president and executive producer of Intelligent Television in New York. Intelligent Television's productions and research projects focus on making educational and cultural material more widely accessible worldwide. Kaufman also serves as an expert consultant on access issues for numberous institutions such as the Librarey of Congress's Divison of Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound an as video curator for the One Laptop Per Child Project.

Paul Gerhardt leads the UK’s Creative Archive Licence Group – a consortium of public and commercial broadcasters and archives developing a shared public access strategy. Till 2006 Paul was joint project leader of the BBC Creative Archive.

Brian Gruber is founder and CEO of delivers discourse, discussions and debates on the world's most interesting political, social and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation.

Hans Westerhof is project leader of the Institute of Sound and Vision for the project Images for the Future. Sound and Vision looks after, and releases, 70 per cent of the Dutch audio-visual heritage.

Moderator: Vincent Everts, CEO and founder

10.00 Welcome by moderator Vincent Everts
10.10 Hans Westerhof, Images for the Future
10.30 Peter Kaufman, CEO Intelligent Televison
10.50 Paul Gerhard, former director BBC Creative Archive
11.10 Brian Gruber,
11.30 Panel discussion lead by Vincent Everts
12.00 Closing

This public session is free of charge. Registration at the PICNIC website is required. Remember: once the maximum number of delegates has been reached, registration will close. Tickets are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Please contact Geert Wissink ( or +31 20 5756720) for more information about the session. (in Dutch)

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Jessica Swinkels
19 Sep 2007, 10:10


I would like to attend too

Ger Bruggeman
19 Sep 2007, 15:46


Also like to attend
Ruud Vermeulen

Ruud Vermeulen
25 Sep 2007, 23:40


i love to attend it as well.
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8 Dec 2009, 8:23

event was 2 years ago... (?)

i think this event was in the past... (if not i would like to attend)
maybe inlusion of the date of the event on this page (with other events too) will prevent this from happenening again...

8 Dec 2009, 20:12


I found this *essay* really magnificent.

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2 Feb 2010, 12:46


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