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China Language Bridge

Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

As China’s economy is growing rapidly, cultural exchange between the western world and China is flourishing. However, one of the largest barriers is language. New media technology provides us with creative solutions.

Chinese Radio Amsterdam (CRA) invites you to take part in our PICNIC programme. We will give you an overview of state-of-the-art media and technology to bridge the language barrier (e-mail, mobile, podcast, game, wiki). Leading-edge entrepreneurs will reflect on how new media empowers cross-cultural understanding. The evening will be hosted by Aaron Wan.


18.30 – 19.00 Walk in
19.00 – 19.15 Liondance & official opening
19.15 – 19.25 Launch new concept by Hong Tong Wu, Chairman CRA
19.25 – 19.45 Hank Horkoff, CEO Praxislanguage
19.45 – 20.05 Marius van Bergen, CEO Chinglish

20.05 – 20.20 Performance by YUN

20.20 – 20.40 Sander Munsterman, CEO XS2theworld
20.40 – 21.00 Anton Eliens, VU University
21.00 – 21.20 Ting Chen, Wikipedia China
21.20 – 21.30 Wrap up

Registration & info

Registration is free but necessary. To register is easy. Simply log in to the PICNIC Network and go to registration. Once the maximum number of delegates has been reached, registration will close. So be in time!

For further questions, please contact Nikki Timmermans,

Chinese Radio Amsterdam
P.O. box 15809
1001 NH Amsterdam

Comments (2)

take part in picnic program

Could I please bring my family ( 5 members)?

Doreen Foo
27 Aug 2007, 12:40

take part in picnic program

Doreen Foo, 27 Aug 07, 12:40
Could I please bring my family ( 5

Yes, of course, you only need to subscribe.

Hong Tong Wu
24 Sep 2007, 2:46
Comments (2)