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A conversation with Anna Gatti

Director, Online Services, Vodafone Netherlands

♥ What is your role at Vodafone and what are you passionate about?

I am the Director of the Online Services Unit for Vodafone Netherlands. Obviously, I am passionate about the mobile Internet and new media in general. Yet my greatest passion is to build teams, teams that act with purpose and innovate for a better world.

♥ What do you see as your greatest opportunities?

Of the four billion people on the planet, only one billion have Internet access. For the others, the Internet will be a mobile one. We need to make it simpler. Once it is as simple to be online on your mobile as it is now to be on the Web, the possibilities are endless.

♥ How do you want to change the world through your work?

The services and solutions we offer help to make the world a better place to live and work. They help to bring families together, by providing them ways to share snapshots, for example. They help doctors to find better diagnoses by ensuring they always have access to their peers’ knowledge.

♥ Why are you attracted to PICNIC? What is your message to this year’s participants?
The world is opening up. The Internet, and especially the mobile Internet, is redefining everything… from the way we communicate with friends and family, to the way corporations interact with their customers and employees. Vodafone leads the mobile industry in being ‘open’. And PICNIC is the perfect place for us to have an open exchange ideas with thought leaders and innovators. So my message to people attending PICNIC is: engage! That means making a contribution as well as listening.