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Zapping or Surfing

Multimedia confrontation; Broadcasters versus on-demand suppliers, in the discussion program "De Hoeksteen", broadcast live on Salto television and in Second Life's virtual theatre. Debaters motivate and defend there views. Virtual and oral questions are presented to the Arena through a mediator. A global audience on Second Life and local visitors in the theatre cast their vote, by raising an interactive hand for; "Zapping or Surfing".

Contact info:

Rudolf Buurma

+31 20 6386386

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Second LIFE: live on Amsterdam Tv + streams!

Please contact SL resident Ze Moo if your avatar would like to join this experiment.

Updates coming up on

Ze Moo
17 Sep 2007, 23:30

De Hoeksteen - Salto TV video on demand

Archived video of the interactive live broadcasts on Amsterdam public access television A1 and A2 during PicNic '07.

Ze Moo
13 Oct 2007, 7:29
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