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Portable Social Networks

How can social media be open?

Why does every social network ask you to re-enter all your personal information, like name, birthday, occupation, etc? Why does every social network let you re-add all your friends? Why do you have to set your privacy or notification settings on every social network seperately?

Simple: because there is no open protocol yet to exchange data between these system. It's called a portable social network, and we need to decide together how it will shape the future of online networks forever.

Facebook and Twitter are leading the way showing how social media can be open. OpenID is a burgeoning standard that can be used for single sign-on as well as moving user’s data between systems. Microformats are paving the way for a structured web. Come meet some of the movers and shakers helping to create portable social networking.

Comments (15)

Picnic Day/Conference Pass needed or not?


I still don't get it... Do I need to register for the Picnic conference to attend this workshop?

That's what I read elsewhere ( ).

Then again, another partner event states that:

"While the partecipation to the Un(conference) is free of charge, along with all other Partner Events at PICNIC 07, it is necessary to become a member of the PICNIC Network (also free of charge)"

( )

Pascal Van Hecke
7 Sep 2007, 23:30

Partner events are free of charge...


Tip: if ever in doubt, sign up and see if you get asked for money!

See you there. Cheers Daniel

Daniel Harris
11 Sep 2007, 9:29

backup list

Hi Robert,

please put me on the backup list.



Maarten Lens-FitzGerald
14 Sep 2007, 13:22

Increased capacity

We've increased the capacity for this session, 10 seats to go....

Yme Bosma
19 Sep 2007, 18:08

Anymore seats left?

would love to go....

Christin Roman
21 Sep 2007, 16:55

On the backup invitation list

Please, if possible can you put me on the backup list? Really appreciated. Regards,

Gary Hartmann

Gary Hartmann
23 Sep 2007, 15:30

please. back up list

thank you!!!!!!!!

luca de fino
23 Sep 2007, 20:36

back up list

please put me on the back up list.
Thanks in advance!!

Jaap Den Dulk
23 Sep 2007, 21:09

More seats?

I wanna go! Thank you!

Sjoerd Liefting
24 Sep 2007, 12:29

back up list

If possible, put me on the back-up list

Ted Den Bieman
24 Sep 2007, 16:58

backup list

I would like to be put on the backup list if possible also.
Thanks in advance!

Hans van Gent
24 Sep 2007, 18:26

back up once more

If there is any chair left,.. please make it mine,.. ;) Thanks,..

Christiaan Van Betuw
25 Sep 2007, 12:21

and one more backup

if possible, please put me also on the backup list. would really like to join this conversation!

Oliver Wagner
26 Sep 2007, 0:04


please put me on the back-up list. Thera Vinkesteijn

thera vinkesteijn
26 Sep 2007, 22:05

no backup

I was thinking of attending this event but it looks like my decision has been made for me. This process of attending/registering etc. is somewhat opaque.

You guys do the meetup and hammer some stuff out. Am looking forward to the results.

Alper Çuğun
26 Sep 2007, 23:24
Comments (15)