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Navball (NL)

Spread out across the city in this cell phone soccer game

Teams spread out to play a GPS-enabled version of soccer in which players line up to take virtual free kicks in an attempt to score goals.

Time and Location

Friday at 15:00 at CO&P HQ @ PICNIC, sign up at Spiegeltent from 13:00

Saturday at 15:00 at Waag Society, nieuwmarkt, sign up on this page

#of players: 2 teams of 11 players
Duration: 45 minutes
Requirements: a NOKIA N95 phone

NavBall is an exciting new mobile multiplayer game that uses GPS phones to create an action-packed 45-minute match across the city!

- 2 teams of 11 players compete for 45 mins

- For each team, a Ball and Goal are placed on a city map

- The location of the ball is discovered by GPS

- By lining up, a team kicks the ball towards the goal (& scores)

- Highest NavBall score wins!

Got game?

To join the legendary first NavBall Championship you will need the following:

- a (borrowed) Nokia N95 with internet

- a solid NavBall attack strategy!

Designers: The Saints Content Creators Ltd

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Michael van Eeden
17 Sep 2007, 9:54
Comments (1)