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martin butler

choreographer performance director

The liminal institute

British-born Butler was trained in theatre science and performance direction in Manchester and Amsterdam. He is currently operating under the Netherlands wing of the Liminal Institute. Butler has worked as performance director, choreographer and scenographer with musicians, composers, video artists, fashion makers, interactive artists and writers such as Andrew Sharpley (Stock, Hausen & Walkman), the N ensemble, Masahiro Miwa (IAMAS, Japan), Anthony Moore, Martini Bros, Lois lane, Ivo Bol, Eric Frymark and Leigh Haas. Apart from creating for theatres, art spaces and pop stages, Butler has also designed stage shows and events for fashion designer and labels Elle pret-a-porter, Kepr/van Benthm, Bernhard Willhem, And beyond, Barcardi B-live, JOFF, Wojtek Dziedzic, Dutch Fashion Foundation, Artez, Diesel stylab, Lee 101 jeans, and Marlies dekkers
Butler's aim is to give performance it's natural place in society between music and fashion, lifestyle and pop culture. Butler wants to create work that invites multiple reading. Inside a total stage image, a variety of associations and perspectives is offered (in music, movement, action, imagery, text). The world infiltrates the work, that builds on the simple observation that the body also exists outside the vocabulary and history of dance. Movement and action are informed by whatever resource appears relevant, the same applies to the other media involved. The work does not impose but rather implies informed makers and 'informed bodies', who negotiate between the images and interpretations they construct and their own attitudes and experiences.

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