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christian chierego

my personal fascination is to explore the possibilities of the moving image as a way to express new emotions in different contexts. I like to work in the boundaries of visual language, experimenting with different media tools in the construction of a personal narrative.
I studied journalism and specialized myself in the area of audiovisual direction. later on I developed a four years career in motion graphic design, working as a visual director in an independent TV production company in chile. last year, I decided to move to holland to gather knowledge about creation and development of my personal artistic ideas. I’m currently researching real time visual performances and the role of the improvisation in immersive environments.

I like cameras, insects and deep sea creatures. I can write automatic poetry on command. since a year ago I speak and think in english, but I still miss my chilean native language (which is different from spanish). I don’t like capital letters. I am a really bad with drawing, mathematics and money management. I do record myself while I’m sleeping. I used to be a journalist, but I feel more comfortable being an audiovisual director, vj or video artist, whatever that could be. I’ve dreamt for nine years of my life. I do believe that you need only two things in life: amar y crear.

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christianchieregochristian chierego