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Thomas Boonstoppel

Projectmanager Online Marketing & Communicatie

All online marketing and communication: concepting, development & implementation of internet site’s, intranet site's, social network marketing, (multi) media productions (commercials, pod- & vodcasts), internet strategy, internet project management, website usability, web analytics, online campaigns, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, viral marketing, e-mail marketing, et cetera.

Check out my snippr:

Tommy @ work
As Project Manager Online Marketing at Vitae I'm part of the Marketing & Communication Team. Together with Wieneke Gehner we are responsible for all online marketing and communication: concepting, development & implementation of internet site’s like:

- et cetera

but also social network marketing, intranet site development and maintenance, (multi) media productions, online campaigns, SEM, SEO, e-mail marketing, et cetera.

My drive and passion is to make beautiful things that are also practical, usable and convert. To achieve this, I work with a diverse group of professionals and companies that are each highly specialized in their field of work. My goal is to connect and manage these professionals to create those little pearls of projects

Vitae is a recruitment and interim specialists agency with about a 1000 employees. Vitae does business with companies and multinationals in a variety of lines like: government and non-profit, business and financial service, construction industry, installation - machine construction, trade, transport and industry, media, publicity and ICT.

Vitae is founded in 1986, and based in the Netherlands in the following cities: Amsterdam, Breda, Haarlem, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Einhoven, Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle and Maastricht.

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