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Ad Aerts

Multimedia Application Developer, Geek, Nerd, Programmer, Day Seizer

I work for Theater Instituut Nederland where I'm in charge of developing new media projects. Although I am an expederienced developer I consider technology no more than a tool. What I am really interested in is theatre, film and art and in fact anything interesting that people might create.

Before working at the Theater Instituut I have been a teacher in media technology and game design for five years. I love to teach. But it is not just teaching as transferring knowledge from one mind to another. I want to tell or show you something and then see what it is you do with what I just gave you. And next I'll give you something new. I like to use every possible technique in this process. Technology is important, but not nearly as important as voice, tone, and gesture...

As for technology, my main area of interest is what I call 'Technical Creativity'. For me 'technical' means bits and bytes, but the area is obviously a lot wider than just that. I just can't believe that building applications is just a matter of applying the right methodology. Some applications need more than sticking to rules, some need inspiration, intuition, talent, maybe even a real muse.

PS: If you think you can help me achieve my goals, talk to me, I'll buy you a coffee and maybe I can help you to achieve yours in return...

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