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Liu Yan

A lazy busy free soul

Ex -cofounder of Da-Tong China Desk Creative Industry, a platform organization which stimulates the network and collaboration among Dutch and Chinese creative organizations and people.

Currently living in Shanghai. Founded Xindanwei, a coworking space and creative community. Xindanwei is built on coworking philosophy and value. The idea is to take the best elements of a workspace (productive, functional) and the best elements of creative hub(social, energetic, creative) and combine them to give people the chance to have their own, affordable workspace.
Xindanwei isn’t just about sharing office space and desks, it is run more like a club of creative workers. Xindanwei is a community of freelance professionals, start-up entrepreneurs, tech workers, writers, designers, architects, artists, students and others from overseas and China, whoever thinks working with others cool people are more productive, more inspiring and a lot more FUN!

By providing flexible physical space and online tools to work, connect and collaborate on daily and monthly basis, Xindanwei supports every project done collaboratively despite their forms , helps the project team to broaden their network and promotes the project through Xindanwei platform.

I am an cultural entrepreneur, marketeer, thinker and researcher in the cross-over areas of arts and technology, education and commerce. Particularly interested in the development of creative industry worldwide and the changes of artists’ role in these processes.

Born in China, received a MA in Art and Media management from The Utrecht School of Arts( and postgraduate diploma in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing( London.

Contact information
YanLiuLiu Yan


Phone +862162625224

Mobile +8613524295509

fax +862162680620