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Viola van Alphen

Business Consultant, Organiser, Curator, Second Life producer+filmer, Processs manager, Coach, Nerd.

MBA expected June '09.
Works as managingdirector for multi media organisation PLANETART & yearly festival GOGBOT EnvironMental Arts, Media & Technology Enschede, 20.000 visitors.
Project manager Mediamatic.
Guestteacher/lecturer at Willem de Kooning academie, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, Rietveld academie, Sandberg instituut.
Presentations at Transmediale09 festival for digital art and culture - Berlin, ISEA08 International Symposium on Electronic Art - Singapore, Cellsbutton#02 Yogyakarta - Indonesia, Toshare08 international festival on digital art Torino - Italy, etc. for SL projects&lectures for writings on new media, developments & strategy

at Picnic07: Event producer for 'Zapping or Surfing'
at Picnic08: PLANETART Surprise!
and reporter for economic magazine of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, about PINCIC08

Second Life clients:
VU University
Dutch Government
Red Cross
GOGBOT festival
Theater de Lege Ruimte

At this moment she is business leader of several SL projects, managing director of Multimedialab PLANETART and director and coordinator of exhibitions and symposium on the international multimedia & technologyfestival GOGBOT 2008.
She also works for Mediamatic.

Video of Viola at PICNIC08:

current Second Life exhibitions:
Sarajevo (Bosnie)

past exhibitions:
Gogbot festival

Second Life publications:
"Wat zit er nu àchter Second Life", Avenir economic magazine, VU University, februari 2007
"Advanced building on Secondlife" june 2007
"Adverteren op Second Life", Avenir economic magazine, VU University, september 2007
"Picture your Vuture", Voorlichting VU University, 2007

Involved in
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