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Rostislav Vylegzhanin

Rostislav Vylegzhanin is co-founder and editor of the first Russian citizen journalism site, which was launched in November 2006. He is also an executive editor of the oldest Russian magazine Ogoniok, published since 1899.

In April 2007, Vylegzhanin was the head of the organizing committee of the First Moscow International Conference “Blogs, New Media and Citizen Journalism” held at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (widely known as MGIMO-University).

Vylegzhanin was born in 1983 to a family of journalists in the Kirov region of Russia. In 2000, after his school years, Vylegzhanin moved from his small native town of Kotelnich to Moscow and entered the international journalism faculty of MGIMO-University. He graduated in 2006. His diploma work was about the influence of blogs and new media on traditional media and professional journalistic society.

As a journalist Vylegzhanin worked for newspapers Vyatski Kray (Kirov, Russia) and Moskovskie Novosti (Russian edition of the English-language newspaper The Moscow News). In 2005 Vylegzhanin became a staff-writer for Ogoniok magazine. In 2006 he left it to launch After launching the site he returned to Ogoniok as an executive editor. One of Vylegzhanin’s tasks as set by the management of the magazine is to reform the Web site to make it more interactive and attract user-created content.

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RostislavVylegzhaninRostislav Vylegzhanin


Born: 7 Mar 1983