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Mark Meuwese


Pluk means creativity. In all areas: picture, sound, IT, taste, ... Our ideas and solutions will lift your project to new heights.

Pluk creativity

Pluk: Concepts

For powerful communication. Pluk sculpts your message into an attractive shape and translates bright ideas into brilliant marketing.

Pluk: IT

For plugging management, people and organizations into information technology. This is how Pluk increases your digital clout.

Pluk: Asia

For the growing Asian market. Pluk opens up a world of opportunities for you in Asia and takes your message to its destination.

Pluk: Video

For film clips that have to score high marks. Pluk has a keen eye for what excites, surprises and convinces your audience. Pluk 'n play!

Pluk: Sound

For resounding sound design. Pluk adds some sizzle to your feature films, trailers, commercials, video games or special projects.

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