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Marcus Miletich

Co-Creating Innovation Society now!

Marc Miletich is a specialist for techno-social innovation. His roots lie in audiovisual communication, producing films since he was a teenager. In the 90s he focused on online communication, as one of Austria's internet pioneers . In 1998, he developed the first knowledge-transfer marketing portal in the educational field. From 2000 to 2001, Marc managed the Community Marketing Unit for global education service provider Viviance. Marc founded Sonovista in 2002. The company designs genuine experiences between corporations and their customers to drive product development and to showcase innovation. The Sonovista project "Colourful TV Engerwitzdorf" was awarded with the State Price for Innovation 2005, the project “St. Anna Fernsehen” with the State Price for Innovation 2006.

Vienna based Sonovista designs and showcases techno-social innovation for companies like Telekom Austria AG, Austrian National Bank, Langenscheidt and other well known publishing houses. Sonovista delivers interactive community TV architectures featuring user-generated content and community-enabled service applications. Creating genuine experiences Sonovista links the professional to the customers communities and thereby triggers interactive media service development all stakeholders profit from. With the IPTV project "Colourful TV"in Engerwitzdorf Sonovista developed a proof-of-concept for techno-social innovation (Community TV) based upon user participation that gained worldwide attention.

Architecture for techno-social media innovation (ITV, IPTV, Corporate Media)

Design of genuine innovation experinences (pilotprojects, field trials). Professional teams and customer communities converge. The result: community-generated and therefore user-centric interactive media applications.

Media-based storytelling triggering and driving the innovation and product development process (Management By Media). The result: motivated stakeholders (management, teams, partners), reduced complexity, effective communication.

Content aggregation for showcases and rollouts

Innovation showcase design and production

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