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valentina nisi

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    Valentina Nisi is an interactive media artist/designer and researcher focusing on new media and mobile technologies. In 2006 she moved to Amsterdam and set up www.Fattoria togehter with Ian Oakley and Martine Posthuma de Boer

Fattoria Mediale is a non-profit foundation managing its own research agenda, art projects, and events. It focuses on digital media and culture developing projects that explore the collision between narrative, architecture and topography.

The foundation is based in Amsterdam and contracts with a wide range of outside organizations and individuals to develop its projects.

Valentina Nisi’s research focuses on bringing stories out into real space, merging architecture, environment and landscape with narrative experience.

From January 2001 till August 2004 she worked as a researcher at MediaLabEurope (MLE) with Gloriana Davenport and the Story Networks group. While at MLE, Valentina was investigating the potential of wireless mobile technologies in cinematic non linear narratives, designing and producing distributed location based experiences for public spaces.

Until march 2006 she worked as a researcher, finishing her Phd doctoral thesis with Dr. Mads Haahr in the Distributed Systems Research Group, department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin (TCD). From March till July 2006 Valentina has been attending the screen writing program at the Amsterdam Binger Filmlab writing her first feature length screenplay. In November 2006 she founded Fattoria Mediale together with Ian and Martine and has been working as a freelance between Holland, Ireland and Italy. Valentina completed her PhD thesis on Location Aware Narratives and Mobile Technologies in July 2007.

Her work has been presented and published in different festivals and conferences worldwide.

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