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Creative Company Conference - 16 March 2009

The CCC heralds the primacy and potency of innovation and creativity in business and celebrates thought leaders in a unique assembly to be held annually in Amsterdam, where ideas, experience and best practise are shared and inspiration is sparked.

We believe that leveraging ideas is the key to the creative economy and the future of business. We agree with Daniel H Pink who says: "Gone is the age of 'left-brain' dominance. The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers - creative and emphatic 'right brain' thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn't."

Marketing is facing a huge challenge. It is a crisis of authenticity. The more you look at some of the campaigns leveraged by marketers, the more they look the same. We seem to live in an age of super parity - similar products being overlaid by similar marketing campaigns. Most marketers have access to like resources - consultants, PR companies, spin doctors, ad agencies, custom publishers et al. And this machinery is mostly churning out vanilla!

There is a new orthodoxy... more of the same, more banal, more commonplace. For example, magazine titles are proliferating but so many look like reasonable facsimiles of each other - formulaic titles under license of sameness. Marketing clones... spreading at the rate of knots. We need a new competitive advantage.

The Creative Company Conference is the first international conference that brings business and creativity together in one arena, deconstructs the DNA of creative companies to understand their business models, presents the entrepreneurs that play the game of value creation, innovation and creativity in business.

The creative economy has just begun and the transition of your company into a truly creative company is the great task ahead.

The CCC is the place to connect, get inspired and learn lessons from business and creative thought leaders from every corner of the world.

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LorenKilleenCreative Company Conference - 16 March 2009


Het Sieraad Building

Postjesweg 1

1057 DT Amsterdam


Phone +31205150238

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