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Jurriaan Van Rijswijk

It's all about online . . . . gaming

Jurriaan van Rijswijk M.Sc. The first game consultant in the Netherlands. Started with programming Pong on his Sinclair ZX81 spectrum mounted to a black and white TV he focused during his study at the University on climatologically models and Geographic Information Systems. At his first job he let people literally play with business and process models. The first ‘real’ game he was involved developing was for the second World Water Forum organized by the UN.
For more than ten years gaming is Jurriaan’s main professional focus. He knows what’s going on in the mass consumer on-line gaming market. And he builds bridges as game consultant towards social impact gaming or serious gaming. He is co-founder of Game Entertainment Europe ( ) and InterimIC partner,
Game Entertainment Europe is the first pan-European publisher of Massive Multiplayers. With GEE Jurriaan has a share in WZZRD, a European chain of game café’s.

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JurriaanVan RijswijkJurriaan Van Rijswijk

JurriaanVan Rijswijk