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To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep - PICNIC Luxembourg Ambassador

Innovative financially literate European networker

Steve joined an international banking group in Luxembourg * after finishing his business administration studies at the University of Li├Ęge with focus on Marketing and new ways of doing business *.

His multilingual skills benefited him during his student jobs in the tourism and sales sector.

He assisted many high growth R&D in Europe in their technology transfer and business planning.

He started the FirstTuesday network in the Greater Region * and is actually COO of the global network * as well as founding FD of Luxembourg Business Angels Network * and ambassador for Xing in Luxembourg *.

He is also assisting emerging companies on various advisory boards.

After becoming CFO of a local utility company, he assisted a foreign company in their Benelux business development before joining a local telecom operator as Business Account Manager.

He now is attracting international e-commerce companies to move to Luxembourg.*

He has an MBA and is a CPB.

He likes to use his analytical and innovative skills in his network.