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Marieke Van Putten

Marieke van Putten

Before I got my position as projectmanager public procurement and innovation, I was program manager "Pieken in de Delta Noordvleugel" at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The creative industry is part of this program and therefore I was involved in the sponsoring of Picnic by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in cooperation with our regional partners, the city of Amsterdam and the province of Noord Holland.

It's great to see that in a few years time Picnic has established itself in and outside the creative community. It will certainly boost the creative potential of Dutch trade and industry.

The focus on sustainability on Picnic is very interesting for the strategic goals in public procurement of innovation. Most innovative public procurements are in some way related to sustainability. But of course the creative industry can contribute to other fields as well. Innovation in public procurement can create opportunities in the creative sector.