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Thomas Gesthuizen

Editor website - since 1997. The website that introduced the world to hip hop from the African continent... still going strong in 2008 and now backed up by our non profit organization, the African hip hop foundation.

African hip hop hip hop activist / researcher - since 1994. As featured in interviews with Newsweek, BBC, XXL magazine,, etc... film research awarded by H2O hip hop film festival, seen on various conferences but the preferred spot is on ground level where the people are. Published some articles in print, a.o. in Waxpoetics vol. 2 and in 'Mashindano! competitive music performance in East Africa'.

Manager Tanzanian hip hop crew X Plastaz - since 1997. The song on my player was produced by dj Kid Sundance.

Club dj - various spots - since 1994

Radio dj - One Blood weekly show on Vpro 3voor12, Netherlands - 2005 - 2007 - the first to play nujazz, broken beat and african hip hop on Dutch public radio. Also presenter/dj at African hip hop radio, a truly pan-African webcast. From October 2008, weekly African music show on national broadcaster Fun X (J4, GMB and dj Threesixty)

Member of theSquad which produces - the Netherlands' longest standing and most in-depth hip hop magazine.

Illustrator & web/graphic designer - various cd covers, artist websites etc. - since birth

Beatmaker - 'Hawapo serious' was number one in the radio charts in Zanzibar (Tanzania) with Cool Para, 2002 (and the beat to 'Bado nipo' is NOT a traditional orchestra but a sample taken from a Shuggie Otis record!). The mr Devious track was done for a campaign on South African community radio (Bush Radio) in 2000 using hip hop as a way to educate youth about HIV/Aids.

About my role in Tanzanian hip hop back in the days: "pole pole tuliweza kufanikiwa kwa kushirikiana na DJ Jumanne kutoka Holland ambaye alitutengenezea promo nyingi za kipindi na kubadili usikivu wa kipindi hiki kutoka muziki wa Snoopy Dogg/Dr Dre mpaka ule wa akina Mr II/Kwanza Unit." (Mike Mhagama, pioneering radio dj mid 90's)

Languages: English/Dutch/Swahili/French/German and a couple of words here and there...

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