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Joana Seguro

Sound led experiments across art forms

Joana Seguro is an independent producer working in electronic music and new technology, with a growing interest in linking these across other forms and disciplines. She came to London from Portugal twelve years ago as a pharmacology student, and pursued her passion for the underground music scene she found here. Since then, she has built her career in this area of music, creating an eclectic and fluid range of projects and events with the artists that excite her. These range from producing her own club nights to curating international festivals, managing artists, and producing tours and one-off projects, alongside work for some of the major record companies specialising in electronic music. In 2001, she set up her own company Lumin, of which she is owner and Director, and throughout has pursued partnerships with some of the major music institutions active in contemporary and electronic music. Previous projects include the Ether Festival at South Bank, Shhh! Goes digital at the V&A, Hayward Nights, 555, Faster Than Sound part of Aldeburgh Festival and many more. She has recently concluded a Wellcome Trust funded fellowship on Arts Leadership and is practicing her research in the immersive performances. Joana most recent project was as Sound Producer for BAC/Punchdrunk’s The Masque of Red Death and Culture Tutor of the IDE department at the Royal College of Art.

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JoanaSeguroJoana Seguro