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Adam Levine

Boards Creative Workshop Amsterdam - Account Manager

The theme of the day is The New Age of Storytelling and we are assembling a lineup of innovative storytellers from both inside the world of advertising and other creative industries. The idea is to illustrate how, in this world of conversational media, digital technology and increased consumer engagement, storytellers have a whole host of new tools at their disposal - such as interactive narratives, social media dialogues and gaming experiences. We aim to provide a thought-provoking series of speakers to enliven those working in the advertising space, and hopefully inspire them to elevate the quality of their work.

This event is being co-chaired by: Alex Melvin of 180 Amsterdam and Mark Aink of S-W-H. Our Innovative roster includes Paul Lavoie of TAXI, Erik Kessels of Kesselskramer, Adrian Hon - Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Six to Start, Zoic Studio and Guerrilla Games present a case study on killzone 2’s new interactive commercial “killzone in 4D” and Dr Bob Deutsch who is a cultural anthropologist and will delivering a speech called: PRIMAL MINDS AND CONTEMPORARY STORYTELLING: THE FUTURE HAS AN ANCIENT HEART. I’ll keep you posted as more content and speakers are announced, we bring together an international community for a day of dialogue, debate and creative collaboration and sharing of ideas. Also there will be a sponsored lunch, and the workshop will be followed by a party sponsored by MassiveMusic! You can check back here frequently as well as we’ll be updating our website

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