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Daan Vinke

Graphic designer and freelance illustrator with a love for all sorts of games.

Daan Vinke has been using computers from an early age. Starting out on a Commodore 64, Daan was playing games before he could read. A fan of all sorts and genres of games, he is still playing them today. His education has been diverse, and as such, so has his work. Over the past years Daan has worked on projects ranging from book illustrations, character design, interface design, story writing to web design, interactive applications and creating digital overviews of the social security system for local governments.

In the future Daan wants to keep working on diverse projects, combining digital media with creativity. The gaming industry is of particular interest because of its rapidly changing and evolving environment. The innovation in interaction between user and application, between player and game, between reader and story is something which continues to amazing him.

Daan Vinke discovered his talent for drawing in high school, and decided to pursue education in that field. He started his study of fine arts in 2003 at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Kampen, with a focus on illustration. His love for computers still strong, Daan decided to leave the art academy and switch to Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen. Ever since he has been trying to find a way to combine his interest in art and computers, and his love for games in particular.

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