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Lorenzo De Carlo

Lorenzo De Carlo first studied Animation & Games at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, where he acquired various skills in web design, 3D design and post-production/ video editing. He went on to study Communication and Multimedia Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. There he learned to develop various concepts for specific target audiences. His skills in graphical design greatly enhanced his ability to express and visualise those concepts.

One of the many projects Lorenzo De Carlo has worked on to date was creating a future scenario for how people would work in the year 2018. He was given this assignment by The Hague University of Applied Sciences. New technologies offer new ways to communicate and because of this, workspaces can be redesigned or relocated to be more effective and efficient. He (together with a group of talented young people) presented a scenario in the form of an animation. As a result, Lorenzo was asked to do a project for a Dutch communications consultancy, Yolk. One of their clients is a Dutch bank (Rabobank Nederland) that already works with new ways of working called Rabo Unplugged. Lorenzo has redesigned their physical and virtual interactive information area to make it more efficient.

This lead Lorenzo to another project which was to create smaller multiple environments conform a same information area. The final result is called the Rabo Unplugged Infoseat. It launched inside five Rabobank Nederland administrative centers, and will remain active for one year. This was Lorenzo's first step into realizing concepts and bringing them alive.

Being able to create and visualise concepts and ideas is Lorenzo his art and passion. His goal is to apply his knowledge and skills in marketing and communication.

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