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Arjan van Amsterdam

Narrative visual artist

The short text-film A HOT PICNIC (30 sec) was written for PICNIC (see above).

Main interests: human interpretation, the interexchangeability and limits of language, improvisation in the understanding of form.


"An Interactive Fiction", is an installation consisting of two large projections, a text based adventure that reads like a screenplay, inspired by real life situations, the movie Pulp Fiction, and an ancient type of computer game, called a text adventure.

After finishing the Rietveld Academy, i was part of an Artist in Residence programme for six weeks at Stichting KiK near the city of Meppel (as part of Collectief Mei 2007) Here i wrote "A Field Guide", an attempt to translate the city of Meppel to a book, by trying to find urban narratives and showing these by making use of GPS technologies.

Right now, developing work based on cross-browser incompatibility and the influence this has on the way we read our digital information.

Co-developed a (soon to be released) network collective called Captain Graphic, which combines the best of contemporary design disciplines and concept-thinking with artistic strategies, and
Confolio, an online portfolio solution made for creatives.