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morag cartwright

Morag Cartwright, Assistant Producer BBC

Working within the Innovation department, I work across the following projects:

BBC Innovation Labs - a collaborative open innovation project with regional agencies across the UK, that brings together BBC commissioners and digital media companies to develop and commission innovative new products and services for the BBC.

Backstage - the BBC's developer network that encourages innovation and supports new talent by providing content feeds for people to build with on a non-commercial basis.

Participate - exploring the convergence in pervasive, online and broadcast media to create new kinds of mass-participatory events in which the public can contribute as well as access contextual content.

One in Ten - an internal innovation pipeline currently exclusive to iTV based around the concept of Google’s '20%'.

Outside the Innovation team I’m also working with iTV on 'Tribler' - a social community that facilitates filesharing through peer-to-peer (p2p) networks.

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moragcartwrightmorag cartwright