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Gino Goossens

CEO at Trip Essentials. Plan and Go! | Sr. strategic internet consultant, E-Commerce strategist (COO-Level)

CEO at Trip Essentials. Plan and Go! | Sr. strategic internet consultant, E-Commerce strategist (COO-Level)

Currently I am the founder and CEO of the start-up Trip Essentials. Plan and Go! ( stands for Trip Essentials and is an intelligent online Travel service for everyone!

The service lets you, while surfing different Travel websites, save your favorite accommodations on one single page. Once you saved your favorite accommodations you can; -sort, compare, forward, create a guest passport for (fellow) travelers or family at home. But the service will also mark coincidences ("3 other people also visited this hotel") and not to forget: you can easily book your next vacation through (online or with a local travel agency). Add services like insurance, car rental, transfers and many more. Last but not least: it synchronizes your (online) agenda and matches your contacts with all your favorite social networks (Hyves, Facebook, MySpace etc..).

You can use on your PC at home or on your mobile phone. Trip Essentials is the first online intelligent Travel service that allows you to use all the services on a single website. We are expected to launch in March 2009.

Experienced strategic Internet consultant with a core discipline in (open) brand strategies, Online retention, Multichannel marketing, Social Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence and Web Intelligence. Visible results and performance management by using two methodologies:

- O.P.E.N. Brand methodology (3 dimensional model)
- Online Balance ScoreCard methodology (4 dimensional model)

Specialized in select E-Commerce industries:

- Retail (Travel, Sports, Brands, ...)
- Consumer Packaged Goods (Coca Cola, Unilver, ...)
- Branded Manufacturing & Services (HP, Microsoft, UPC, ...)

Specialized (niche) technologies:

- Web Analytics (Omniture, Web Trends, Google Analytics,...)
- Personalization and Recommendation software (Moore Intelligence)