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Victor Zwiers

Resistance Graphique | M.A.R.S Media | I/M/D

Webdesigner & student IMD.

Victor Zwiers is a creative machine that looks like a human but is actually a robot from flesh with an interior skeleton from calcium and has paint for a brain. Nowadays hey working for a young and talented design agency that's called MARS Media. This little big agency specializes in internetmedia.

His work for this agency is just getting started and his tasks are but true to were his agency will trust him. Thinking about new concepts and designing website for their clients. The mechanics and paint come together in a brain-bubbeling proces that will eventually lead to a honest and custom made design.

MARS media is still @ the brink of an new era witch we will discover and conquer by means nessacery. We hope in the future to explore and intergrate all new-media and human interaction. May G.O.D be with us!

Now lets play with the naked poodles!
The three rounds of the Naked Poodle take place in the Tansformatorhuis - which is located in the culture park Westergasfabriek - on Thursday 27 September at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00h.