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Zakir Md. Hossain

After returning from Wageningen University, the Netherlands with the masters degree from “Ecological Agriculture” in 1999, I could have try to joining any research Organisation or Project as a researcher in an air conditioned office. But I was dare enough to work with other Krisoks* under the burning sun, felt the dream and need of the very locality where I was born in Bangladesh. I initiated the tiny Farmers’ Research Institute “Krisoker Saar (Farmers’ Voice)”. Leaving all the glittering lifestyle, I really wanted to be a simple krisok, to do the researches pertinent to local development by integrating all people in the samaj**, to putting the voices of the locality into different National and International fora and thus to securing our rights. While working with the children I spontaneously trying to enter their wonderful wisdom and leads them to the entrance of their own mind and thus sow the seeds of humanitarian nature.

  • Krisok is the Bangla term of farmers to the context of Bangladesh

** Samaj is the traditional & strong management body in a village

Krisoker Saar (Farmers' Voice) is a tiny Farmers' Research Institute evolved from the local community itself through a non-conventional way of institutional formation and development. Since started dreaming and conceptualising the Institution; we are working to developing a Holistic Way of living by using research to foster local development.
The Institution focuses on Ethical - Production, Research, Conservation, Marketing, Policy Analysis and Advocacy.
Within five years of formal evolvement in 2001, it has been able to
attract the attention and involvement of National and International farmers, researchers, policy makers and activists; mainly because of its non-conventional approach to nurturing the change.
Krisoker Saar (Farmers’ Voice) is a research based Institute, funded by the samaj (Society) itself and registered under license of the Local Government. We undertake research initiatives based on our ongoing and forthcoming needs, crisis, benefits etc. under one life long program "Notun Jibon (New Life)."

What we are doing:

Although conventional research discourse is considered as a constructive factor for development. But we felt the main constraint of development through research is often “fixed objective oriented research", So we the farmers are looking for existing wisdom and knowledge based transformative approach to research and local development.
With all the existing resources, we started to looking within ourselves into our actions to nature, life and development. Following the way of our ancestor’s experiential experiments and researches, we are performing the actions consciously - considering the continuous changes of policies, technological commodities and human perceptions as well. We certainly have grown up to make the linkage between our wisdom and existing knowledge.
Therefore we are carrying out a "Notun Jibon program" of development through research, referred to as the "Krisok Approach"
Krisoker Saar (Farmers' Voice) is working in East Sujankathi, Barisal, Bangladesh with a small samaj (Traditional strong organization of a village) through discussion, motivation, seed exchange, results demonstration, technical knowledge exchange, problems and solutions
creation, and regular newsletter to:
1. Make ourselves aware of:
o The various process of agricultural production systems.
o Negative consequences of Different Agricultural Inputs.
o Different existing laws related to Agriculture and the Environment.
o Biodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources.
o Natural Infrastructure and the Environment.
o Lost of the Natural Resources and the Local Knowledge Base we do have.
o National and International Policy Formulation and Adoption Strategy.
2. Motivate ourselves on:
• Organic agricultural production and preservation of the environment.
• Alternative Energy Sources.
• Gender equality.
• Envisioning new possibilities with the Farmers' Research Institute.
• Implementing research initiatives.
• Proposing modifications to socialize different Laws - mainly pertinent to agriculture,
environment and natural resources.
• Providing support to different Agricultural, Development and Environmental
3. To make a bridge among farmers, researchers and policy makers.
4. Keep an eye to ensure farmers' interests and rights are discussed in different
seminars, workshops and dialogues.
5. Organise non-formal training at the local community level on business
6. Provide support to other organizations with trainers, research approach and
research results.
Ongoing Researches (Research summaries will be available soon)

Contact information
ZakirMd. HossainZakir Md. Hossain

ZakirMd. Hossain